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Teaching Practice 

Philosphy of Teaching Statement

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible”. This is a quote by Maryann Kohl that mirrors my belief of the importance of art education. As an art teacher, I am able to use this area of work to build an environment of inclusivity, experimentation and questioning which students can then bring with them these skills into their life to understand the world around them.

Improving my students' wellbeing and helping to develop their confidence has always been a key personal aim for myself as an educator. If students are happy in their work, believe in themselves and feel acknowledged and supported this will greatly benefit them in all aspects of their life. This is an aspect of teaching that lends itself very well with art as it is a subject that allows for mistakes to be made and personal growth is at the forefront of the work.  It is important to focus on building students' confidence in their abilities to discuss artwork and when creating their own. This can be done by creating a positive environment of work and by giving students the tools to reflect on their process and to see the possibilities of their work.

Through my placements and other experience I have had the opportunity to work with students of all ages and a wide range of abilities. Art has long been a place of inclusivity with visual and tactile media, allowing sensory exploration as well as the use of visual communication that can transcend boundaries. Through the art curriculum students are able to build an understanding of visual and critical language with which they can apply to any piece of media. These skills of understanding, critical reflection and exploration will go forward with each student and give them a means of universal communication and better understanding of the world around them. 

Wellbeing, inclusivity and critical analysis are all important aspects to my work as an art teacher.

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