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My project, Moments, explores the protective actions taken in the breaking of cycles of abuse that had been previously passed from one generation to another. I engage my ceramic practice to explore this narrative through concepts of fragility and memory. The concepts are integrated and physically depicted through the processes of making the ceramic artifacts that make up this installation.



Each artifact illustrates fragments of the moments of the narrative; as seen and remembered through the eyes of a child, protected from what came before. The artifacts are conceived as healing moments. The work is intentionally small in scale and heavily detailed and textured to intensify an intimate viewer experience.

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Ria O'Connor Portfolio Consolidated 2021 (1).png
Group 1.jpg
Bag 2.jpg
Duck 1.jpg
Blanket 1.0.jpg
Blanket 2.jpg

Currently included in the NCAD Works 2021 Digital Platform Degree Show, Find it  here

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